Our team have expertise in Organisational Development, Service transformation & Contract management

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Community Projects 


Intergenerational community programmes that impact on Health and Wellbeing 

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By sharing their time, care and expertise, individuals can help their community to become more close-knit, stronger and more resilient.

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A social enterprise making a real difference to our communities


Nu Social Health Enterprise, is a community interest organisation that specialises in programmes with social impact. We focus on:

  • Delivering intergenerational community projects
  • Providing project management support and training and
  • Setting up Time banks in schools and GP practices, as well as with other community organisations such as housing associations.


Our Vision is to improve lives where you live.

We do this through the projects we manage, the training we offer, the partnerships we have and by implementing a timebanking model to build community cohesion, share community assets and promote community development for health and well-being outcomes. Our work also has an early intervention purpose,  particularly for children, young people and families.


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 If you'd like to partner with us, fund our work or support us in any other way we'd love to hear from you.