How your GP PRACTICE could benefits from Time banking


One of the main incentives for GP practices to sponsor Time banks is the help they offer patients with symptoms of depression and isolation.

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How your SCHOOL could benefits from Time banking


It helps to re-engage young people, develop intergenerational understanding, engender civil responsibility and life skills...

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How your Community could benefits from Time banking


By sharing their time, care and expertise, individuals can help their community to become more close-knit, stronger and more resilient.

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For further information on setting up a Timebank..
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Time banks for GP Practices, Schools & Local Communities

 Nu Social Health Organisation is a charity that helps communities by setting up and supporting Time banks in GP practices, schools and other community groups. Time banking is a simple and highly-effective way for community members to help others, while helping themselves at the same time. For every hour they 'deposit' in a Time bank, they can 'withdraw' an hour in help or support from another member. For example, you might offer help with computer problems and in return receive help with babysitting from any other member in the Time bank.

The wider benefits of Time banking are long lasting and strengthen our communities. They include:

  • Health gains made by helping others and building relationships with them
  • Overcoming isolation through community engagement
  • Developing understanding between people of different ages and backgrounds
  • Nurturing grass-roots civil responsibility
  • Opening up services that may be unavailable or unaffordable
  • Re-engaging young people and increasing the self esteem of all participants
  • Successfully attracting participants that have felt socially excluded from their community / society and who would not normally get involved in traditional volunteering.

With the support of Time Banking UK, NUSHO is here to help GP practices, schools and other community groups to unlock the practical and social benefits of Time banking – and we do it by giving you proven support, which makes your Time bank succeed and saves you money in the longer term.

Learn more about how Time banking can help you – visit our Time banks page for more details or go straight to services for GP practices or services for schools. If you belong to another organisation that needs help setting up a Time bank – please contact us for help.



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